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Get ready country music fans! A piece of Nashville is coming to Punta Gorda Today, The Suncoast Country Opry Show,
LLC (SCCOS) and The Military Heritage Museum (MHM) announced their partnership and agreement to bring 21 live
country music shows to The Gulf Theater, located inside the museum. These unique country music
variety shows will be officially billed as “The Grand Ole Punta Gorda Opry.”

Johnny Lee Howard, a Nashville recording artist and resident of Englewood, is the president of SCCOS. He and Gary
Butler, Executive Director at MHM, have teamed together to bring this entertainment package to life in Punta Gorda.
Each show is ticketed, and each can be seen live - either in-person at the theater, or via a high-quality live stream
broadcast over the internet.
The Grand Ole Punta Gorda Opry will debut on Sunday, July 12, at 2 p.m. ET, with a live tribute to one of country
music’s most loved artists, the late Joe Diffie. Diffie died earlier this year from complications relating to coronavirus. Inperson
and live stream tickets for this and all opry shows are set to go on sale Wednesday, May 27 at 9 a.m. ET.

“It’s sort of a mouthful to say and write (The Grand Ole Punta Gorda Opry), so we’re just referring to this whole deal as
‘The Opry’,” Howard says, with a laugh. “Ok, so the opry is a dream come true for me. I have always believed that our
community is thirsty for high-quality country music entertainment and variety. A place where fans can gather in
appreciation for the music they love to listen to and see it performed live at a professional level. The Grand Ole Opry
show in Nashville, Tennessee is the model that we’re shooting for.” But Howard is quick to point out that his opry show
has one very distinct feature that separates it from that other ‘Grand Ole’ opry: “It’s a whole lot sunnier and warmer
here in Punta Gorda, Florida!”

Howard proudly points out that the foundation of his shows is cemented in high-caliber musicianship, exceptional
talent, and variety. “Two things we admire most about the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville is that the core musicians in the
show rarely change from week to week. They are among the best in music. And, of course, no two shows are alike. Each
show presents something new for the fans.

MHM’s executive director (Gary Butler) is thrilled about the entertainment package that he and Howard have put
together. “Our partnership with SCCOS provides us with a tremendous opportunity to showcase our fabulous Gulf
Theater, while broadening our visibility in the community. These shows are fantastic, and we are thrilled to be able to
host them at our unique venue right here in Punta Gorda.”

What is clear is that Howard and Butler are well aware of the challenges facing both the opry show and the museum
with the COVID-19 crisis. But the crisis has not stopped them from moving the project forward. “Since early March,
Johnny and I have had many discussions about the obstacles facing us in light of COVID-19,” says Butler. “What we
knew for certain is that we have two fabulous products to offer the public in both the museum and the opry show. But
what we could not know for certain is how to deliver both products safely and effectively to the people, given recent
concerns over coronavirus.” And in late March the two men began regular brainstorming sessions about how they might
utilize the internet and other available technologies to safely deliver opry performances with a live stream.

Fast-forward two months, and it is quite clear that Howard and Butler have been busy executing their strategy.
“Thanks to the leadership and vision of the MHM, we are proud to announce that all of our opry shows will be made
available to a worldwide audience over the internet,” according to Howard. “An impressive set of technology has been
installed inside the theater that will enable us to deliver a high-quality live stream of each show, safely and securely.”

A limited number of sponsorship opportunities are available for the Grand Ole Punta Gorda Opry show. Sponsorships
include show/event sponsors, ticket sponsors, and full-season series sponsorships that offer exclusivity and multiple
mentions during each opry show. If you are interested in a sponsorship slot at the opry, contact Johnny Lee Howard at
941-315-1374, or email

“We are so excited about our partnership with The Gulf Theater and The Military Heritage Museum,” says Howard.
“The venue [Gulf Theater] is nothing short of spectacular, with state-of-the-art production gear, easy access, and
comfortable seating for around 250 people. Not a bad seat in the house. It’s the perfect venue for our show.”

The Suncoast Country Opry Show, LLC is a multifarious country music entertainment group that is owned by
Englewood resident and Nashville recording artist, Johnny Lee Howard. With over 20 unique country music variety
shows in their lineup, The Suncoast Country Opry Show is the area’s go-to source for live country music entertainment
in Southwest Florida.

For more information about The Grand Ole Punta Gorda Opry or other Suncoast Country Opry Show productions,
please visit, call 877-712-OPRY, or email them at You can also connect with
them on Facebook by searching @GOPGOSHOW.

The Gulf Theater at the Military Heritage Museum is a crown jewel of Punta Gorda, whose mission is to promote an
understanding and respect for the rich military heritage of the United States and the sacrifices made by all who serve,
living and deceased, emphasizing that freedom isn’t free.

The Military Heritage Museum is located at 900 West Marion Avenue in Punta Gorda. For more information or
reservations, please go to the website and sign up at or call 941-575-9002.

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