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City Hall Annex Building June 2016
The City of Punta Gorda will soon be providing residential water customers with a free water portal, Dropcountr. The Dropcountr app will help residents keep track of their real-time water use, avoid leaks and water damage, connect with utility alerts and receive direct customer support. Not to mention, Dropcountr users reduce their water consumption by 7-9%, on average, leading to significant water and wallet savings!


City Punta Gorda of residents will be able to set up a free Dropcountr account by downloading the app from the Apple or Android App store, or signing up online. You will need your name and account number as it appears on your City of Punta Gorda Bill.

Track Your Usage

Are you using more or less water than usual? How about compared to the norm? Dropcountr will help you keep track of your realtime water consumption, anytime, anywhere.

Alerts and Notifications

Receive an alert to your phone or email before it leads to an expensive bill or water damage. Registering for Dropcountr acts as a safeguard against unwanted water consumption and surprises.