What is the CIP?

The Capital Improvements Program (CIP) is the long-range plan used for the acquisition or construction of capital facilities, projects or significant purchases with a multi-year useful life. The city develops a five year CIP projection. It is updated annually based on the overall goals and current opportunities, as well as funding availability. CIP projects are unique construction projects that provide improvements or additions such as land, buildings and infrastructure.

Why is the CIP important?

The CIP helps enhance the overall quality of life in the city by improving the physical structures, systems, and facilities that provide services to the community. CIP projects are generally large and expensive, and the assets they install, replace, or rehabilitate will likely be required for decades of public use. A capital need includes, but is not limited to, project types such as bridges, drainage, lighting, parks, pathways, sidewalks, streets, and water & wastewater utilities.  

Who manages the CIP projects?

Capital projects are managed in-house by the individual departments. The Finance Department prepares the five year CIP by matching project expenditures with anticipated revenues.  

What is the status of the current CIP projects?

Punta Gorda is committed to transparency in government by making project information available online. Current projects pages are listed in the side navigation to the right.