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PLAN Punta Gorda - Citywide Master Plan 2019 - Final Draft - October 18, 2019


In order to respond to growing concerns regarding the economic and fiscal sustainability of the city given its current tax base, job growth, demographics, and neighboring planned developments, the City of Punta Gorda commissioned an update to the 2005 Citizens Master Plan-this time with a focus on economic feasibility and budgetary impacts. The purpose of this Citywide Master Plan is to bring together a comprehensive set of recommendations that balance community goals with the desire for a more vibrant and economically sustainable future.

The planning process was initiated to allow community members to engage with each other, city staff, leadership, and planning consultants and envision the future of Punta Gorda together. This Draft Master Plan summarizes the communities’ big ideas and the resulting recommendations including a draft implementation matrix that includes key information on how to enact the plan over time. This public draft is an opportunity for the community to provide feedback on the plan’s recommendations and implementation strategy. These comments will be incorporated, along with City staff and City Council input, into the final version of the Citywide Master Plan. The final plan will be used by the City, community members, business owners, and property owners as a road map to guide future change and improvements.


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