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The Aldridge-Benge Firefighter Safety Act, also referred to as the light-frame or lightweight construction rule, passed the Florida legislature to become law on December 13, 2009. The act requires owners of commercial, industrial, and multi-unit residential buildings with three or more units in Florida to be marked with an emblem to warn firefighters of the use of lightweight floor and roof trusses which are prone to early collapse during a fire. The new law is named in honor of two Orange County, Florida Firefighters, Todd Aldridge and Mark Benge, who died in 1989 after the roof of a gift shop collapsed under fire conditions.

What is Light Frame Construction? "Light-frame truss-type construction" means a type of construction whose primary structural elements are formed by a system of repetitive wood or light gauge steel framing members.

Do I need to comply? Yes, it has been determined that your building contains light frame construction components. Please purchase the appropriate symbol with the designation of R, F or RF and place on your building in accordance with the rule prescribed.

How soon do I need to post my symbol? All owners of structures required to meet the rule were to comply by March 13, 2010. However, to avoid penalties your existing structures will need to be in compliance within 45 days. All newly constructed buildings, including additions to, change of use and remodels shall comply prior to issuance of a certificate of occupancy.

What happens if I fail to comply? Any owner who fails to comply with the requirements is subject to penalties as provided in Florida Statute 633.161.

What does the emblem look like? Buildings with light-frame truss-type construction must be marked with an emblem indicating if the building is constructed with lightweight roof, floor or both roof and floor trusses. The approved symbol in the State of Florida is a Maltese Cross of bright red, reflective, all-weather material measuring 8 inches horizontally and 8 inches vertically.


Where do I place the symbol? The approved symbol shall be placed within 24 inches to the left of the main entry door. The distance above the grade, walking surface or the finished floor to the bottom of the symbol shall not be less than 4 feet (48 inches). The distance above the grade, walking surface or the finished floor to the top of the symbol shall not be more than 6 feet (72 inches). The Maltese Cross sign shall be permanently attached to the face of the structure on a contrasting background. Additional signs to be installed as determined by the Authority Having Jurisdiction.

Where can I get the signs? Local retailers include

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