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"Smoke Detector/Alarm service program"

All residents should have a working smoke detector/alarm inside and outside of every sleeping room and on all floor levels of the home. Recent changes to Florida laws (FS 553.883) have mandated that all new battery-only (NOT hard-wired) smoke alarms be a 10-year life device with a sealed (non-removable) battery. If you have a battery powered only smoke alarm in your home it is recommended that you replace it with a 10 year life device in order to meet Florida Law requirements.



If you do not have a working smoke alarm anywhere in your home, the PGFD will provide one (1) 10-year life device with installation free of charge.        

Existing smoke alarms that are hard-wired (connected to your home’s electrical wiring) with a 9-volt or AA battery backup should have the batteries changed every six (6) months. It is recommended that you purchase 10-year NON-RECHARGABLE batteries. Switching over to the 10-year batteries will alleviate the twice-yearly change. After you have purchased new batteries for your hardwired smoke alarm, the Fire Department will come to your home and assist in changing them. Contact the Fire Department at the non-emergency phone number (941)575-5529 for smoke alarm service in the City of Punta Gorda.