Employee FAQs

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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • > How do I know who to contact in Human Resources?

  • > How do I notify my employer of a name change, or change of address or phone number?

  • > How do I make changes to my beneficiaries?

  • > I am considering resigning my employment with the City. How do I go about doing that?

  • > How do I change my paycheck withholding exemptions?

  • > How do I obtain a new ID card?

  • > How do I make changes to my accounts for direct deposit?

  • > Does the City promote from within? How do I bid on a promotion?

  • > Does the City offer employment that has multiple shifts? Does the City offer shift differential pay (premiums)?

  • > What are my benefits as an employee with the City of Punta Gorda?

  • > Will I receive my insurance identification (ID) cards in the mail?

  • > How can I get more detailed information about retirement?

  • > Who can I talk to about my benefits?

  • > When are my benefits effective?

  • > What do I need to do to add or delete a dependent?

  • > My medical/dental/vision insurance plan does not show coverage for me and/or my dependent(s). What should I do?

  • > How do I start/stop/change a 457 deferred compensation account?

  • > I have heard that I can join a local health club and have the dues deducted from my paycheck. Which health clubs allow me to do this? How do I sign up?

  • > How do I change/cancel my voluntary payroll deductions?

  • > What is FMLA Leave?

  • > Are there any eligibility requirements I must meet in order to qualify for FMLA Leave?

  • > What is the FMLA definition of a "serious health condition?"

  • > What is the maximum amount of leave I can take?

  • > Am I required to use my sick and vacation leave while I am on FMLA Leave?

  • > Will I continue to accrue benefits while I am out on FMLA Leave?

  • > Is my job protected while I am on FMLA leave?

  • > If my serious health condition extends beyond the twelve weeks of protected leave that is guaranteed by the FMLA, but I have sick and/or vacation leave still available that will enable my being able to continue to draw a paycheck during my absence, will I get my old job back when I am able to return to work?

  • > Do I need to request FMLA leave in writing?

  • > In order for my FMLA leave to be approved by the City, do I need a note from the doctor?

  • > How soon do I need to enroll a new child in health benefits?

  • > How will I get my paycheck while I am on FMLA leave?

  • > What kind of training does the City offer to its employees?

  • > Does the City offer any type of financial help to employees who want to take classes or improve their skills?

  • > If I take classes and improve my skills, will the City pay me a higher salary?

  • > If my job requires me to take training courses on a regular basis, will the City pay for it?