Risk Management

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The Human Resources Division is charged with managing the Risk Management program and the City's insurance coverage, including medical insurance, and property and casualty insurance policies.  The Human Resources Manager is also the Risk Manager for the City, and is responsible for monitoring insurance costs and claims.

Medical  and Dental Insurance

The City is self-insured through a Group Health Trust that is managed by Public Risk Management of Florida (PRM).  This is an insurance pool that is comprised of over 45 other governmental agencies, ranging from 10 employees to over 600.  The result is that medical risk is spread over 6500 lives, instead of the City's 265 employees.  With a pool comprised of such a large number of employees rate increases over the past 10 years have been far below the nationwide trend.

Human Resources offers a wide range of support services to City employees and retirees who participate in one of the City's five health insurance plan offerings and dental insurance.  These services include enrollment, benefits administration, billing and appointment assistance, and so forth.  Such personal and focused attention to these important benefits makes working for the City of Punta Gorda even more attractive.

Property and Casualty Insurance

The properties, amenities, and programs that are owned and/or operated by the City are insured under blanket coverage through Preferred Governmental Insurance Trust (PGIT).  This coverage includes workers compensation, liability, property, and automobile coverage.  If a citizen or employee has an incident that may require the filing of an insurance claim, please contact the Human Resources Manager by email or phone.  The HR Manager's direct line is (941) 575-3371.