Captain Noram Nahra

Captain Norm Nahra
Operations Division Commander

The Operations Division is commanded by Captain Norman Nahra.  It is comprised of the Patrol Section, Criminal Investigation Section, Community Services, and Reserve Officers. 

Patrol consists of four squads.  Each squad has a lieutenant, corporal, and three patrol officers.  They work 12-hour schedules and rotate between day hours and night hours every three months.  

The Criminal Investigation Section has a lieutenant, corporal, two detectives, a reserve officer, and a volunteer.  They primarily investigate felony persons and property cases.  Additionally, they conduct background investigations for new employees.

Community Services is comprised of the School Resource Program, Marine Unit, and the newly added Community Engagement Unit.  Community Services has a lieutenant, corporal, and eight patrol officers.

There are currently four certified reserve officers who volunteer their time in patrol, CIS, and special events.