Captain Jason Ciaschini

Captain Jason Ciaschini
Support Services Division Commander

The Support Services Division is commanded by Captain Jason Ciaschini and is responsible for most non-operational activities that allow the department to provide law enforcement services to the community. The Support Services Division is responsible for ensuring that our officers have the necessary equipment and support to provide high quality law enforcement services to our citizens.

The Support Services Division consists of 1 sworn officer, 17 professional staff members, and more than 80 active volunteers. The following sections and units make up the Support Services Division:

In addition to oversight of these sections and units, the Support Services Division Commander is directly responsible for the following auxiliary duties:

Fleet Management

The Support Services Division Commander facilitates fleet management for the Punta Gorda Police Department. This includes coordinating repairs, processing fleet paperwork and purchasing new vehicles. The police department works with a variety of contract vendors to complete maintenance, body work and emergency equipment repairs.

In an effort to provide the citizens of Punta Gorda with the best possible enforcement coverage, the Police Department has adopted the one person-one car take home policy. This plan has been in place for decades. Benefits of this policy include cost efficiencies with improved care and maintenance. This plan also increases visibility of officers on the street for greater periods of time.

The agency currently has 46 vehicles and 2 boats along with several ancillary pieces of equipment. Each year 4 to 5 new vehicles are purchased and older vehicles are cycled out of the fleet. Factors that are taken into consideration on what vehicles should be removed from the fleet include age of the vehicle, mileage of the vehicle, maintenance costs associated with the vehicle, and costs per mile driven on the vehicle. Our vehicles sees an average life span of 9.5 years of service before they are cycled from the fleet.  A new patrol vehicle including all of its emergency equipment and decals costs approximately $47,500.

Finance and Budget

Members of the Punta Gorda Police Department effectively and efficiently deal with department financial matters and at all times maintain a fiduciary responsibility in such matters. The Punta Gorda Police Department receives its fiscal guidance from the City's Finance Department and the City Manager's Office. 

The Support Services Division Commander is responsible for budget management and finances for the police department. The police department’s annual budget for Fiscal Year 2019 is $6,357,578 of which $234,800 is allocated for capital outlay. Personnel expenses make up $4,922,671 and operating expenses are $1,200,107.