Officer Dean Irving & K9 Chase

SRO Dean Irving & K9 Chase
Charlotte High School

  Officer Chris Owensby

SRO Chris Owensby
Charlotte High School

 Officer Terry Chow

SRO Terry Chow
Punta Gorda Middle School


SRO Kristen Koval
Punta Gorda Middle School

 Officer Joe Angelini

SRO Joe Angelini
Sallie Jones Elementary

 Officer Richard Gross

SRO Richard Gross
Baker Center


The Punta Gorda Police Department has six full-time School Resource Officers assigned to the public schools in Punta Gorda including Charlotte High School, Punta Gorda Middle School, Sallie Jones Elementary School, and the Baker Early Learning Center. School Resource Officers serve as the liaisons between the police department and their respective schools and are responsible for performing all law enforcement duties on school campuses, fostering a better understanding of law enforcement and developing positive relationships with students and parents, identifying a preventing delinquent behavior and substance abuse in students, assisting with crime prevention, and providing security for school campuses.