Police FAQs

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  • How do I make a public records request?

  • Can I turn left at a red light on a one-way street?

  • Who do I contact the retrieve property from the police department?

  • Does the police department provide fingerprinting services?

  • How do I register my out-of-state vehicle?

  • How do I contact someone who has been arrested?

  • Where do I find information about careers with the police department?

  • Who do I contact regarding a traffic ticket?

  • What do I do if I receive a parking ticket from the Punta Gorda Police Department?

  • What is Biased Based Profiling?

  • How do I find out information about sex offenders in my area?

  • How do I sign up for the Away From Home program?

  • How to I submit a commendation or file a complaint about an employee?