Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • What if a property owner does not pay the tax bill?

  • If I believe my assessment is incorrect, who do I talk to about this?

  • Are the funds allocated from the special assessment dedicated to the undergrounding project?

  • When will the assessments be billed?

  • How can I find out how much this will cost me?

  • What should I do with my old garbage cans after I receive the new cart?

  • Is there public parking available?

  • Should I trim my trees?

  • What shelters are open near me?

  • How can I tell what evacuation zone I'm in?

  • Is there a limit on the number of sandbags we can get?

  • Where can I apply to be a volunteer?

  • What is a Future Land Use Map?

  • What is a Zoning District?

  • What is zoning?

  • What is the City's millage rate?

  • What are two of the most important financial documents issued by a municipality?

  • What is the City's fiscal year?

  • When can the public provide input on the upcoming budget?

  • > How do I know who to contact in Human Resources?

  • > How do I notify my employer of a name change, or change of address or phone number?

  • > How do I make changes to my beneficiaries?

  • > I am considering resigning my employment with the City. How do I go about doing that?

  • > How do I change my paycheck withholding exemptions?

  • > How do I obtain a new ID card?

  • > How do I make changes to my accounts for direct deposit?

  • > Does the City promote from within? How do I bid on a promotion?

  • > Does the City offer employment that has multiple shifts? Does the City offer shift differential pay (premiums)?

  • > What are my benefits as an employee with the City of Punta Gorda?

  • > Will I receive my insurance identification (ID) cards in the mail?

  • > How can I get more detailed information about retirement?

  • > Who can I talk to about my benefits?

  • > When are my benefits effective?

  • > What do I need to do to add or delete a dependent?

  • > My medical/dental/vision insurance plan does not show coverage for me and/or my dependent(s). What should I do?

  • > How do I start/stop/change a 457 deferred compensation account?

  • > I have heard that I can join a local health club and have the dues deducted from my paycheck. Which health clubs allow me to do this? How do I sign up?

  • > How do I change/cancel my voluntary payroll deductions?

  • > What is FMLA Leave?

  • > Are there any eligibility requirements I must meet in order to qualify for FMLA Leave?

  • > What is the FMLA definition of a "serious health condition?"

  • > What is the maximum amount of leave I can take?

  • > Am I required to use my sick and vacation leave while I am on FMLA Leave?

  • > Will I continue to accrue benefits while I am out on FMLA Leave?

  • > Is my job protected while I am on FMLA leave?

  • > If my serious health condition extends beyond the twelve weeks of protected leave that is guaranteed by the FMLA, but I have sick and/or vacation leave still available that will enable my being able to continue to draw a paycheck during my absence, will I get my old job back when I am able to return to work?

  • > Do I need to request FMLA leave in writing?

  • > In order for my FMLA leave to be approved by the City, do I need a note from the doctor?

  • > How soon do I need to enroll a new child in health benefits?

  • > How will I get my paycheck while I am on FMLA leave?

  • > What kind of training does the City offer to its employees?

  • > Does the City offer any type of financial help to employees who want to take classes or improve their skills?

  • > If I take classes and improve my skills, will the City pay me a higher salary?

  • > If my job requires me to take training courses on a regular basis, will the City pay for it?

  • How do I schedule a special pick up?

  • How do I report a pothole?

  • How do I start the annexation process?

  • What is annexation?

  • Why is the City of Punta considering the annexation of a portion of unincorporated Charlotte County?

  • Has the City annexed unincorporated areas of Charlotte County before?

  • What does it cost for annexation?

  • Would my school district change?

  • Would my mailing address Change?

  • Will there be any disruption in my utility and other service delivery?

  • What happens if I have a violation?

  • What happens if the property does not come into compliance?

  • How do I know if I have a violation on my Property?

  • What is considered lack of maintenance to a structure?

  • Can I park a recreational vehicle (RV) in my driveway or on the public right-of-way?

  • Can I park boat or watercraft in my driveway or on the public right-of-way?

  • Can I park overnight on the public right-of-way?

  • Do I need an occupational license to do business in the City?

  • Do I need a permit for a garage/yard/estate sale?

  • Are there special rules for repairing a home in the Historic Residential District?

  • When do I need a construction/building permit?

  • Is outdoor storage permitted?

  • What is considered junk, trash, debris and litter?

  • What is considered high growth?

  • What is considered an unlicensed/ inoperable vehicle?

  • How do I report a street light problem?

  • When will "Vote by Mail" ballots be mailed out to voters?

  • Who may serve as a campaign treasurer?

  • What is the cut-off date for an opposed candidate to receive a contribution prior to an election?

  • Where can I get required forms?

  • What are my responsibilities as a candidate for reporting campaign fund activities?

  • As it relates to the Local Business Tax Receipt, what does the term “non-professional” mean?

  • What do I do if I want to change the name for my business?

  • How do I apply for Citizens Academy?

  • I am buying an existing business. What is the procedure to get a Local Business Tax Receipt?

  • I lost my Business Tax Receipt. Can it be replaced, and if so, what is the charge?

  • What is the difference between Code Compliance and a Homeowner’s Association?

  • What is CDBG?

  • How much grant money does the City receive?

  • What kind of projects can be funded with CDBG money?

  • Am I eligible to get CDBG funds?

  • How can I apply?

  • When will I know if I received CDBG Funds?

  • How long do I have to spend CDBG funds?

  • What if I have more questions?

  • What if the property is a rental?

  • Are complainants required to identify themselves?

  • How can I report a possible code violation?

  • How can I find out the status of my permit?

  • How much are permits?

  • Do I pay my contractor before or after the final inspection?

  • How much are impact fees?

  • Is my contractor registered to work in Punta Gorda?

  • How do I find out the setbacks on a property?

  • How do I register to work in Punta Gorda?

  • How long will my permit take to be approved?

  • What Are Domestic Partners?

  • What is the purpose of the Domestic Partnership Registry?

  • What does “mutual residence” mean? What if we own more than one house?

  • Where do we go to register?

  • When can we come to register?

  • What is the cost of registering a Domestic Partnership?

  • Do you have to register in person? Why?

  • Do we need to complete the domestic partnership registry affidavit before coming to the City Clerk’s office?

  • What do I need to bring with me to the Clerk’s office to register?

  • What proof will we receive showing that we have registered?

  • What happens if my domestic partner and I break up or our partnership ends?

  • How do I get a copy of a fire report?

  • Who do you call for invoice and payment information?

  • What bids/RFP/quotations are currently being solicited?

  • How do I get on the City's vendor list for providing commodities and services?

  • How can I obtain a copy of the elevation certificate for my home?

  • How do I volunteer to serve on a City Board?

  • How do I calculate the Local Business Tax rate if the number of employees varies from time to time during the year?

  • How long does it take to obtain a Local Business Tax Receipt?

  • How do I establish new service?

  • Who provides ambulance service in the City?

  • How do I apply for a Local Business Tax Receipt?

  • What area does the Fire Department serve?

  • What are the requirements for employment as a firefighter?

  • How do I make a public records request?

  • Can I turn left at a red light on a one-way street?

  • Who do I contact the retrieve property from the police department?

  • Does the police department provide fingerprinting services?

  • How do I register my out-of-state vehicle?

  • How do I contact someone who has been arrested?

  • Where do I find information about careers with the police department?

  • Who do I contact regarding a traffic ticket?

  • What do I do if I receive a parking ticket from the Punta Gorda Police Department?

  • What is Biased Based Profiling?

  • Who do I contact to find out if water and/or sewer is available to a property?

  • Who do I call if I need my utilities located?

  • Who do I notify if I need the water shut off at my home?

  • Who do I contact for problems with my water meter box?

  • Who do I contact if I experience a water leak?

  • Who do I contact for questions about impact fees?

  • Who do I contact for the status of a new water meter?

  • Who do I contact for a new water meter?

  • What do I do if I am experiencing low water pressure? Who do I contact?

  • Who do I contact for a foul odor in my water?

  • Who do I contact to report a violation of watering restrictions?

  • How can I become more informed regarding the City of Punta Gorda Utility Department Operation?

  • Who do I contact for a question on a utility bill?

  • How Do I Size a Grease Trap ?

  • Who is in charge during the City Manager's absence?

  • What are the City Manager's powers and duties?

  • Does City Council oversee employees?

  • Who do I contact to report a fallen seawall?

  • Will we be notified before crews come to replace the seawall?

  • Once replacement begins at my residence, how long should a replacement take?

  • Can I keep my Domestic Partnership registration information private?

  • Will I have to move my boat for seawall replacement to be made?

  • Who is responsible for repairs to the docks, boat lifts, davits, etc.?

  • Am I allowed to plant or install anything next to the seawall or cap?

  • When are my trash collection days?

  • Can I solicit door to door?

  • Are public employee personnel records considered public records?

  • As a private citizen, can I videotape a public meeting?

  • Can a city restrict a citizen's right to speak at a public meeting?

  • Can a public agency hold closed meetings?

  • Can two members of a public board attend social functions together?

  • Does the Sunshine law apply to members-elect?

  • Does the Sunshine law require a public meeting be audiotaped?

  • How are program user fees billed?

  • How can I request public records?

  • How do I find out information about sex offenders in my area?

  • How do I sign up for the Away From Home program?

  • How many mows are included?

  • How to I submit a commendation or file a complaint about an employee?

  • How to I submit a Traffic Enforcement Request?

  • I don’t want the city to mow my lots. Is the program mandatory?

  • I only have 1 lot. Why am I being charged for 2?

  • Is an agency required to give out information from public records or to produce public records in a particular format as requested by an individual?

  • What agencies are covered under the Sunshine law?

  • What are the requirements of the Sunshine law?

  • What is a public record?

  • What is the Sunshine Law?

  • What period does the annual lot mowing user fee cover?

  • What qualifies as a meeting?

  • When does a document sent to a public agency become a public document?


Position Information


Salary and Benefits

  • Starting salary of $45,492 plus an exceptional pension plan (see below);
  • Eligibility for overtime pay (pensionable up to 300 hours per year);
  • Eligibility for specialty team pay as assigned (pensionable);
  • Eligibility for off-duty detail pay (pensionable);
  • Eligibility for salary incentive pay for education and training (pensionable);
  • Annual uniform cleaning and boot allowances (pensionable);
  • Take-home vehicle program for all sworn personnel;
  • Excellent health, dental, vision, and life insurance options;
  • Paid vacation, holidays, sick leave, and shift differential;
  • Deferred compensation plans available;
  • Tuition reimbursement and educational scholarships available.

Pension Plan Details

  • Normal retirement at 25 years of service and 55 years of age;
  • Fully vested in 5 years;
  • 3% multiplier for each year of service;
  • Pre-tax employee contributions of 8%;
  • Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP);
  • Military and law enforcement buy-back program up to 5 years.

Minimum Qualifications

To be eligible for employment as a police officer with the Punta Gorda Police Department all applicants:

  • Must be at least 21 years of age;
  • Must be a citizen of the United States;
  • Must possess a valid Florida driver's license prior to the date of hire (not date of testing);
  • Must be of good moral character with no felony or arrests or misdemeanor arrests involving moral character, domestic violence, perjury, or false statements;
  • Must be in good physical condition and able to perform the duties required by an officer;
  • Must successfully complete the new hire testing process (see below).

Hiring Process

All applicants must participate in the Punta Gorda Police Officer new hire testing process. The process consists of a written exam, a physical abilities test, and an oral board exam.

  • Written Exam: A standardized written examination, which measures an applicant's basic reading, grammar, and math skills. Study guides are available to applicants upon request.

  • Physical Abilities Test: A standardized obstacle course, which includes running, climbing, jumping, crawling, and flexibility.

  • Oral Board Exam: Applicants answer standardized job related questions asked by a panel of officers. Exam are conducted individually and questions differ for applicants with prior law enforcement experience and applicants without experience.
Applicants who pass all portions of the testing process will be placed into an employment eligibility pool for a period of one year. As positions become available to be filled the Chief of Police will select applicants from the eligibility pool for a staff interview. Applicants may then be selected for a background investigation. Applicants who successfully pass the background investigation process may receive a conditional  offer of employment and must complete the following prior to employment:
  • Medical Examination;
  • Psychological Examination;
  • Drug Screen;
  • Polygraph or Voice Stress Analysis. 

Out of State Applicants

If you are a police officer who is currently certified in another state's jurisdiction, a federal officer or a military police officer, you may be eligible to become certified as a Law Enforcement Officer in the State of Florida.

Certified Selection Centers will verify your basic recruit certification and training records (Law Enforcement Constitutional Law and Legal Issues, Report Writing, Interpersonal Skills, Firearms, Defensive Tactics, First Aid or Equivalent, Vehicle Operations, Law Enforcement Patrol, Criminal Investigations, Traffic Crash Investigations, Traffic Stops and Control), and employment-verification.

The Selection Center will review your training record and determine if you have met the requirement to be granted an EOT (equivalency of training, form CJSTC-76). This is a five-to-six-week process.

If you have met the requirements, you will need to enroll in an Equivalency of Training / Comparative Compliance academy that will train you in high-liability areas (firearms, first aid, emergency-vehicle operation, and defensive tactics).

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be given a certificate that will allow you to take the statewide Officer Certification Examination (SOCE). Upon successful completion of the exam, you will be certifiable to become a Florida Law Enforcement Officer.

If you believe that you qualify for this training; you can initiate the process by clicking on the following link that will take you to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement website for Selection Centers: Florida Department of Law Enforcement.


For more information on joining the PGPD family, please contact:

Glen Ritta
Employee Development Coordinator

(941) 575-5571

The City of Punta Gorda is a Drug Free
Workplace, Equal Opportunity, and
Veterans' Preference Employer.

All elements of the selection process  shall be job related and the
criteria for  selection of candidates is not based  upon a candidate’s race,
color, religion, sex (including gender identity, sexual orientation, and
pregnancy),  national origin, age,  disability or genetic information, 
and is therefore determined  to be non-discriminatory.