Youth Programs

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We emphasize crime prevention through public education.  The department continues to provide a number of essential crime prevention programs to our youth including: Do the Right Thing of Charlotte County, Inc., Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) training, Gang Resistance Education and Training (GREAT), and our Jammers Youth Basketball League, among others.  In fact, the Jammers program continues to be so successful that the number of children who participated in this program had to be capped at 72. Finally, the Self Defense Familiarization and Exchange (SAFE) class which was offered throughout the year to provide basic self-defense and awareness for women at the high school level and beyond continues to be popular.

The City’s School Resource Officer (SRO) program remains a tremendous success.  We continue to effectively serve approximately 3,600 students with three School Resource Officers.  DARE training is delivered annually to 80 5th grade students at Sallie Jones Elementary School and GREAT training is provided annually to 400 7th grade students at Punta Gorda Middle School.