The Punta Gorda canal system suffered a near catostrophic level seawall failures as a result of Hurricane Irma. Staff is in the process of inspecting, assessing and prioritizing repairs in both Burnt Store Isles and Punta Gorda Isles neighborhoods. Projections are that 3/4 of a mile in BSI and over 15 miles in PGI suffered some sort of seawall damage and affected 925 parcels. It is projected that the estimated value of repairs is upwards of $27 million. These projections will vary upwards or downwards as the assessment process continues. 

Mapping has been developed as well as an address list which will enable resident tracking. The list includes visually inspected seawall failures as well as resident reported failures. This is a cursory review. You may find your next door neighbor’s seawall has failed but your address is listed or your next door neighbor’s address is listed but the failure extends to your home. If you suspect a seawall failure and neither your address or your neighbor’s address are not on the list, please contact Public Works at (941) 575-5050. Maps will be updated every couple days until we are comfortable we have captured all of the failures.

Click below to view detailed maps by zone: