Illicit Dumping

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Illicit Dumping/Discharge

Illicit connections are defined as "illegal and/or improper connections to storm drainage systems and receiving waters" (CWP, 1998). A discharge of industrial wastewater to a storm sewer is "illicit" because it would ordinarily require a permit under the Clean Water Act. Many building owners or operators are not aware that improper connections exist in their facilities. Identifying and removing illicit connections is a measure for reducing storm water pollution. In extreme cases of illicit dumping, legal action is necessary.

Don't Let Polluters Ruin Our Canals, Creeks, River and Harbor!

Notify City of Punta Gorda Public Works Department at (941) 575-5050 or FAX (941) 575-5044 if you suspect any of these types of problems. After 4:30pm and weekends, contact the City of Punta Gorda Police Department at (941) 639-4111. We can also be contacted via email.

Some of the potential negative effects are:

  • Illegal dumping or disposal of waste in non-permitted areas, such as back
    area of a yard, a stream or canal bank, or other off-road areas
  • Trash or other floating debris in swales or other waterways
  • Foul smells emanating from canals, streams, beaches, or other water courses
  • Spills of oil or other petroleum products, pesticides, or other contaminants
  • Unusual colors or cloudiness in any watercourse
  • Sanitary sewer or lift station overflows
  • Wastewater connections to any storm drain system