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The Wastewater Collection division is responsible for the operation and maintenance of 118 sewage pumping stations along with 129 miles of gravity sewer mains located in a 30 square mile area. This division also includes the Pretreatment Program and Instrumentation Control and Calibration Unit.

The division is made up of 15 employees. One supervisor, along with 12 members of the division are dedicated to customer related problems, lift station maintenance and repair, televising of gravity mains, repairs to mainlines and services that include installation of sectional cured–in-place-pipe (CIPP) liners and to the conveyance of wastewater to the City’s treatment plant.

One of the members of the division is an electrician whose responsibilities include basic electrical work, calibration of electronic instrumentation and telemetry equipment within the Collections division.

To finish out the field one member serves as the Pretreatment Coordinator, This person is responsible for monthly FOG (fats, oils and greases) inspections of local restaurants and fast food establishments. This person also is involved in code compliance issues related to the City’s pretreatment ordinance.

Annual Accomplishments

First and foremost, the division is dedicated to the prompt and personal service that it provides to the City’s wastewater customers when a problem occurs within the system throughout the year. The division has established a very effective annual preventative maintenance program on their pumping stations that has reduced the amount of pump failures and replacement cost. This program includes but is not limited to oil coolant replacement, in-house bearing, seal, impeller, wear ring and volute replacement along with scheduled inspections.

The division provides in-house installation of CIPP sectional liners in the gravity mains that reduces the amount of open cut repairs in the roadways therefore reducing road closers, material cost and labor cost.

A monthly cleaning program has been established to reduce the amount of FOG (Fats, Oils and Greases) and debris build up inside the pumping stations and mainlines in areas that are prone to these conditions.

In 2008 the City had an extensive Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) study conducted by Carollo Engineering and will be following the recommendation provided to them to reduce the amount of I&I entering the sanitary sewer system. These recommendations are set up on a 10 year corrective action plan with annual goals for the City to meet.