Code Violation

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When reporting a possible code violation, please provide:

  • the exact address of the house/building or describe the location as specific as possible to enable the code officer to locate the site
  • describe the condition(s) / violation(s) you have observed

After receiving a request, Code Compliance

  • will inspect the property as soon as possible to determine if a code violation exists
    • public health and safety related complaints are the highest priority
  • If a violation is found, a courtesy notice will be either mailed to the property owner or they may receive a door hanger courtesy notice requiring compliance by a certain date
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What is the Address the violation?
Describe the Location or Area of the violation?
Describe the violation observed?
Do you wish to be notified regarding this potential violation?
Do you wish to be notified regarding this potential violation?
If you wish to be notified you MUST provide a valid phone number and/or email address.

Registering Complaints Anonymously Under State Law

In most cases you may report a code violation anonymously. Any personal information you provide becomes part of the public record, which any other citizen has the right to review. Personal information is only required from a tenant or renter requesting an inspection of the inside of a rented home or apartment unit. In that case, the name and telephone number of the tenant requesting the inspection will become part of the public record.

Any written or email material received or generated by the City Staff or Council members becomes public record and state law requires the record be made available for inspection by any citizen who requests it. This means it is impossible to provide anonymity to anyone who writes to the City via email or letter containing any personal information.


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