Punta Gorda's Place to Play!


 City Staff hosted the “Park Pop-Ins” as a form of collecting public input in person. Those who couldn't make it in-person can take the Mini Survey HERE. A big thank you to everyone who made it to one of the Park Pop-Ins and gave their input.

The Parks and Recreation 2020 Master Plan Naming Contest is now over! Thank you so everyone who participated and voted. Congratulations to Pete Gaylord for coming up with the name for the Master Plan Update!

Ponce Park Playground

As part of the Recreation and Open Space Element of the City's adopted Comprehensive Plan, the Parks and Recreation Master Plan is to be updated every 10 years.  The last plan was adopted in 2009 and the necessary update was placed on hold until the completion of the Citywide Master Plan. 

We will also offer bi-weekly video updates to let you all know how the plan is coming along and to answer any frequently asked question. Watch the videos and stay tuned on what's to come at your Florida Harborside Hometown!

 Parks and Recreation Video Update #5

 PRMP Update 5 Video Thumbnail

Watch the video HERE.

Update #5 is here! Tune in for a recap on the Park Pop-Ins and a reminder to take the General Survey!


General Survey

PRMP Survey Graphic

Don’t forget to take part in the general survey! It is a 30 question survey that takes approximately 9 minutes to complete. To take the survey, please click HERE.

 2009 Parks and Recreation Master Plan

To see the 2009 Parks and Recreation Master Plan click HERE.