Photo of individuals attending Block Party
Photo Of Cyclist Bike Event
Photo Of Runners on Bridge
Photo of Cyclist Registration Event Participants Registering
Photo of Laishley Splash Park Event Tents and Stage in Background
Photo of Woman Singing National Anthem with Color Guard
Photo of Music Festival Man Playing Instrument
Photo of Downtown Farmers market
Photo of Laishley Park Event

The City of Punta Gorda  has set forth an Event Manual outlining the guidelines and procedures for holding events on city parks and property. The event manual is a community resource to assist event organizers, and ensure that all events are enjoyable gatherings for everyone. 

Event Venues

  • The City of Punta Gorda has many venues to suit a variety of events and capacities

Permit Process

  • Event permits are required when seeking exclusive use of all or part of a public park or roadway for any length of time

Event Approval Standards

  • A series of standards have been developed to assist organizers in planning the operations of their event. These review standards are to serve as the minimum requirements to insure a safe and successful event. read more
  • The City of Punta Gorda’s Urban Design Division oversees the processing of applications to hold public events in City parks (e.g. Laishley, Gilchrist and Ponce de Leon Parks), on City right-of-ways (e.g. walk-a-thon, parades, etc.), and on all other City-owned or private property.

Fees & Deposits

  • Events and gatherings held in Punta Gorda's public spaces require a security deposit, and a rental fee covering the costs associated with reserving various venues, as well as public property maintenance


Event Component City Department Phone Number (941)
Initial Event Coordination Urban Design/Zoning & Code Compliance 575-3352
Event Security Police Department
Fire Department
MOT Right-of-way 575-5010
Electrical Service Facilities Maintenance 575-5041
Water Service Facilities Maintenance 575-5041
Tent Permitting Fire Prevention Division 575-5529
Temporary Event Signage Zoning & Code Compliance 575-3352


Trash Removal Temporary Toilets

Individual event’s responsibility.  The City does NOT provide trash removal services, trash receptacles, dumpsters, or temporary toilets for any event

Alcoholic Beverages

Contact the State of Florida, Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco at 239-278-7195 or 800-226-7359