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Manning, BarryBuilding InspectorCity Manager(941) 575-3324
Marotti, SamEvidence, Property, and Crime Scene TechPolice(941) 575-5544
Martino, RobertInventory ClerkFinance(941) 575-5035
Matthews, Lynne Vice Mayor(941) 575-3341
McCarty, DavidCode Compliance SupervisorCity Manager(941) 575-3381
McDaniel, AllenCode Compliance OfficerCity Manager(941) 575-3316
McGloin, KyleeAdministrative AssistantCity Manager(941) 575-3373
Meiller, HelenBilling and Collections SupervisorFinance(941) 575-3360
Meyers, DaveSupervisorPublic Works(941) 575-5053
Miller, CatherinePublic Works Supervisor Public Works(941) 575-5071
Miller, John Council Member(941) 575-3319
Molnar, JenniferFire MarshalFire(941) 575-5542