Fertilizer Regulations

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On June 6, 2012 the City of Punta Gorda adopted Ordinance 1710-12 establishing regulations for the use of fertilizers containing nitrogen and phosphorus within the city limits. The newly enacted regulations apply to homeowners and commercial/institutional applicators of fertilizers.

  • Fertilizers should be applied to turf and/or landscape plants
    • at the lowest rate necessary
    • no fertilizer containing nitrogen and/or phosphorus shall be applied during the rainy season, (June 1st through September 30th).
    • Single applications in the fall and spring will often suffice
    • fertilizer may not be applied to a single area more the six times a year
  • Fertilizers shall contain no less than fifty (50) percent slow release nitrogen per guaranteed analysis label
  • Phosphorus application rates shall not exceed
    • 0.25 pounds P2O5/1,000 square feet per application nor
    • exceed 0.50 pounds P2O5/1,000 square feet per year.
  • Nitrogen applications rates per 1,000 sq ft total per:
    • Bahia-grass: 2 - 4 pounds
    • Bermuda-grass: 2 - 4 pounds
    • Centipede-grass: 2 - 3 pounds
    • St. Augustine-grass: 4 pounds.
  • Deflector shields, spreader deflector shields are required when fertilizing by
  • use of any broadcast spreader. Deflectors must
  • be positioned such that fertilizer granules are deflected away from all impervious surfaces, buffer zones, and water bodies, including wetlands.          
  • Buffer Zones
    • No fertilizer shall be applied within ten (10) feet, or three feet if a deflector shield is used, of any pond, stream, water course, lake, retention area, drain and drainage ditches, canal, any wetland, or top of seawalls
  • Grass Clippings
    • No grass clippings, vegetative material, and/or vegetative debris be washed, swept or blown off into stormwater drains, ditches, conveyances, water bodies, wetlands, sidewalks or roadways.
  • Commercial and institutional applicators of fertilizer shall abide by and successfully complete the 6 hour training program in the “Florida-Friendly Best Management Practices for Protection of Water Resources by the Green Industries” offered by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection through the University of Florida Extension “Florida-Friendly Landscapes” program. Private, non-commercial applicators are encouraged to follow the recommendation of the University of Florida IFAS “Florida Yards and Neighborhoods” program when applying fertilizers.

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