Tree Removal

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 Per City of Punta Gorda Code of Ordinance, Chapter 26, Section 12.3(k)

  • no person shall cut down, destroy, damage, remove, or poison any native  and approved non-native tree 12 inches or larger in Diameter at Breast  Height [DBH] within the City without an approved tree removal permit

 A no-charge tree removal permit may be  approved if one or more of the following circumstances exist:

  • tree constitutes a hazard to life or property which cannot be mitigated without removing
  • tree is dying or dead so that its restoration to a sound condition is not practicable
  • has a disease which can be transmitted to other trees

Tree replacement shall be required  pursuant to requirements in the Punta Gorda City Code of Ordinance, Chapter, Section 12.14 should the tree removal cause the property to fall below minimum requirements.