Fair Share Impact Fees

  • Impact fees are used to pay for the City facilities required by growth.  New and expanded development brings more traffic on our roads, more people wanting recreation facilities, and so on.  In other words, development impact fees are a financial tool to reduce the gap between the money required to build new or expand City facilities and the money available for that purpose.  The purpose of the fee is to fund capital projects such as roads, parks, and other infrastructure that are needed because of the new or expanded development.   The funds collected cannot be used for operation, maintenance, or repair of capital facilities

Fair Share Impact Fee Payments

  • Impact fees are assessed at the time the building permit is issued and must be paid prior to scheduling final inspections.  However, they do not have to be paid in one lump sum.  The payments can be spread over time, between when the permit was issued to the time construction is nearly complete.  This makes payments on the impact fees easier to budget. There is no charge for spreading the payments this way and anyone with impact fees to pay can take advantage of this option.