Zoning District(s)

  • The law adopting each type of Zoning District defines what types of primary and accessory uses can be developed and what types of development standards will govern that use
  • Development standards generally include lot size, lot width, setbacks, heights of structures and buildings, lot coverage, and screening.

 A zoning district is very critical in that it determines the type of uses you can and cannot establish on your property. For example, if your parcel is zoned for residential use, you would generally not be able to place a business on this property.   

 District Classification Abbreviation  District Type  LDR Chapter 26 
City Center District  CC Mixed Use 3.9 
Environmental Preserve District EP Residential 3.2
General Multi-Family District GM Residential 3.5
General Single-Family District GS Residential 3.4
Highway Commercial District HC Commercial  3.10
Manufactured Home District MH  Residential 3.6 
Marine Park District MP Residential 3.3
Neighborhood Center District  NC Mixed Use 3.8 
Neighborhood Residential District NR Residential 3.7 
Public District P Governmental  3.12 
Special Purpose District SP Commercial  3.11


Overlay District Abbreviation   LDR Chapter 26 
Historic Overlay District  HO 3.14 
Medical Overlay District  MO 3.17 
Special Residential Overlay District   SRO 3.13 
Trabue Woods Historic Overlay District  TW 3.14 
Waterfront Overlay District  WO 3.18 


Planned Development District Abbreviation  LDR Chapter 26 
Planned Development Neighborhood   PDN  5.6
Planned Development Village  PDV  5.7
Planned Employment Center  PEC  5.8