PicMonkey Collage - Lot mow

To minimize the potential that vacant lots within the City of Punta Gorda may become a menace to life, property, public health, public welfare, may create a fire hazard, may provide a nest and breeding ground for insects, rodents, snakes or other types of pests and vermin, or otherwise become a public nuisance, the City has established a mandatory lot mowing program.

About the Program

  • The Program allows for mowing on all participating lots several times per year so that no weeds or grass will grow taller than twelve (12) inches in height from the ground
  • Owners of vacant real property included in the Program shall be charged an annual user fee for participation in the program
  • Fee is paid annually (based on the upcoming fiscal year October 1 - September 30) and appear on the property's tax bill

Individual property owners may request an annual exemption from the Program