Catch basin
 Large storm drain.
Intersection with cars and street signage.
Brick paved street. Light poles decorated with holiday lights. Homes in background.
Street closure with Police Officer directing traffice while City Employee works.

The  Right-of-Way Maintenance Division is responsible for streets, storm sewers, swales, sidewalks, and related appurtenances located within the right-of-way. Normal operations include traffic sign maintenance, storm sewer cleaning, right-of way mowing, swale improvements, tree trimming and street sweeping. Scope of operations includes 115.4 miles of improved streets and 230.80 miles of stormwater drainage systems.

Storm Drain Cleaning
City crews perform storm drain cleanouts to catch basins and drainage lines at least once a year using a top of the line tactor truck. Drainage work also includes reconstruction of swales, outfall and roadway culvert repairs or replacement.

Street Maintenance
Crews repair potholes and depressions ensuring that compaction is met. Street striping is performed to make sure that all roads are properly marked and visible. Street sweeping is provided to assist with keeping dirt and garbage from entering the storm drain system. Curbing throughout the City is painted so that it is kept visible to pedestrian traffic. The installation and repair of street signs throughout the City is taken care of by trained crews who follow regulations set by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT).

Sidewalks around the City make it possible for everyone to get out and enjoy the wonderful Florida weather. The Right-of-Way Division replaces existing damaged sidewalks.

Bridge Maintenance
City crews perform repairs and annual inspections in cooperation with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT).

Paving Program
The City follows a 5 year paving program for streets throughout.